Cheers to 2019!

Ring in the New Year with these insider tips from Brooke Golden.

Many first dates involve drinking, especially around the holidays and the New Year. So whether you’re meeting out for a cocktail or a glass of wine, how can the cocktail choice tell you more about your date? Cocktail choices – meaning what you and your date prefer – can be a fun way to learn more about each other and connect.


One of the biggest bristly points I hear from dating stories is not about drink compatibility but drink quantity compatibility. Everyone has their own definition of casual drinking. Some are 1-2 drinks a night and some are 1-2 drinks a month. Finding a partner that is compatible with your tolerance can be a good sign. Whether they imbibe more in order to experience new places and be social or they chose to refrain so they can endure early AM workouts, respecting where they are and inquiring is the first start.


The acceptable dinner beverage, it’s hard to escape a glass or two while dining out. Wine can be great conversation fodder:

  • Is your date well versed on wine varietals?
  • Have they traveled to any of the regions on the menu?
  • Is your date an intellectual, deep thinker ordering rich and complex reds?
  • Are they light and carefree, enjoying a crisp White?
  • Are they well-traveled to the regions of Rhone or Rioja?
  • What is their favorite summer veranda to enjoy a glass of Rosé?

Shaken not Stirred

There are options for every personality on custom cocktail menus.

  • Is your date more sweet or savory?
  • More sultry and smoky preferring bourbon and rye, or more sweet and light-hearted requesting lemon, egg whites, and rum?
  • Are they straight-forward and dependable with a gin and tonic or nostalgic and charming requesting a Manhattan or Old Fashioned?

There are all kinds of ways to psychoanalyze this one, but simply use it as a topic to get to know your date:

  • Is your date a secret mixologist?
  • Do they have a favorite drink to make at home or for parties?
  • What cocktail reminds them of their favorite movie or actor?
  • What drink or alcohol type do they avoid at all costs?


Could be a cold brew coffee or a pint of draft, either way, this can be a go-to comfort drink.

  • Is your date opinionated and strong-minded, chosing bitter ales that pack a punch, or do they prefer light and smooth hops for socializing and cheering on a favorite team?

Some great areas of inquiry for this comfort stable:

  • Where is your date from originally?
  • Are there any known or favorite craft breweries there?
  • What’s their favorite place to enjoy a cold beer?
  • What is their favorite memory related to sharing a cold one with friends?

Connection over Caffeine

Almost any spot that makes alcoholic beverages can also whip up a tasty non-alcoholic drink. A non-alcoholic drink can still say a lot about someone, so don’t let a sober date turn you off! How about meeting your date out for a warm beverage or make up a coffee crawl. Niche coffee houses are on every corner these days. Learn about your date over their beverage of choice. What they chose with elaborate mix-ins, milk choices or double, frothed, foam choices can be an entry point of conversation about the finest brew points of the caffeinated craze.

You could easily discuss where to find the best hot cocoa in town. Tea houses also offer charming meetup spots with a variety of light snacks and tea choices. You can use tea choices as topics of conversation about travel, as every culture seems to have a tea ceremony of one kind or another and linger longer to read each other’s tea leaves.

Think outside the box! Use the drinks, alcoholic or not, as a jump-off point for conversation and exploration.

Cheers to 2019! Bon Appetite.

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Brooke Golden

Brooke Golden is a content contributor & mindful human expert. Brooke balances out the challenges of online dating by mixing in work as a professional food Marketer and by filling in life’s gaps as a writer, certified yoga teacher, constant interviewer of friends and as a general observer of mindfulness and human habits. Find her daily musings at IG: thegoldenbrooke.

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