Seattle, Say Goodbye to the Freeze!

Hey Seattle, we have arrived!

As the CEO of Three Day Rule, what started as a pipe dream of matchmaking for a living has become an amazing reality. I left my day job at E! Entertainment years ago to pursue matchmaking mainly because I quickly became the resident Matchmaker for all the busy professionals I was surrounded by in the office. I found myself wondering if something was missing in the market. How come all these amazing people couldn’t find love? Was it because they were busy? Selective? All I knew was that I was spending a lot less time producing and a lot more time matchmaking from my cubicle, so it was time to make a change.

And Three Day Rule was born.

Since 2013, we’ve made our way into nine amazing cities — each one with its quirks and nuances, and each one perfectly unique. The common denominator? We look for cities filled with dynamic, busy singles. Our local Matchmakers have helped thousands of singles in our nine cities go on better dates. And now, it’s time to launch number ten.

So why Seattle?

It’s the fastest growing city in America, with over 1,000 new people moving to the city and its surrounding areas every week! The tech scene has certainly anchored itself in Seattle (looking at you, Amazon! Let us set you up!) and more people than ever are moving to Seattle for job opportunities. This means a lot of fresh faces in the dating pool with a lot of transplants looking to put down roots and find a social circle. Because so many people have moved to Seattle for big jobs, these busy professionals don’t have a ton of time to date or even meet new friends.

For as many transplants as there are, there are lots of natives. And being new to a city filled with natives can make it harder to connect. Many Seattleites have long-standing connections and social circles, and because of the Seattle Freeze (more on that next!), it can be tough to infiltrate these ironclad subsets and social groups. Natives often already have their circle of friends and probably aren’t working very hard to meet new people. We know, though, that sometimes all you need is an introduction — and that’s where we come in.

The freeze is real. Seattleites are friendly and polite, but they’re notoriously private, close-to-the-vest people, which results in an icier culture. It’s not easy for any stranger to put themselves out there, no matter what city they’re in. Seattle doesn’t make it easier, and Three Day Rule has every intention of warming up that freeze! One of the most important things in dating is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort zone. We can help.

Seattle is a dating jungle gym! The nature, the food, the adventure, the city — Seattle has all the makings of an amazing place to date in and explore with a partner. All you need is the right person!

We are so excited about this new adventure in the Pacific Northwest. We couldn’t feel more confident that Seattle is in need of a little more loving! Join us in officially saying goodbye to the freeze by signing up at

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Talia Goldstein
Chief Executive Officer at

Talia is the CEO and founder of Three Day Rule. After studying communication at Tulane University, Talia worked as a TV producer at E! True Hollywood Story, where she quickly became the office dating expert, setting up many co-workers with matches and handing out insightful dating advice from her cubicle. Recognizing her hidden talent for matchmaking, Talia quit her full-time job and began hosting popular singles events and offering personalized matchmaking services. Three Day Rule was officially created in 2013, allowing Talia to turn her lifelong hobby of matchmaking into a thriving business. After receiving an investment from Match/IAC in 2014, Talia has secured partnerships with Match, OkCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle and The League. Talia has appeared on Good Morning America, and has been featured in Fortune, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and more. Leveraging her extensive network of successful, dynamic singles, Talia has found matches for hundreds of clients, including top executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and everyday young professionals. She has made it her mission to help clients on their quest to find true love, and is thrilled that her work allows her to make a difference in people's lives. Talia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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