TDR Spotlight on Caroline Millet, Seattle Matchmaker

This May, TDR is launching in Seattle and spotlighting the newest team of Matchmakers.

Meet Caroline Millet!

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Current Neighborhood: Greenlake, Seattle, Washington

First Date Pro Tip: “People often worry that they won’t have things to talk about on first dates. Just as you would prepare for work, prepare for your date: be ready to share something fun you will be doing in the near future. Talking about something you are excited about not only tells your date more about what you like to do and that you have a full and fun life, your eyes will light up when you talk about it and that is very attractive. Also, have questions ready that are deeper than the usual ‘what do you do/where are you from?’ ‘Why…’ questions are more open-ended and allow you to learn about your date more. ‘Why did you choose that career? What project are you most proud of? Why?'”

FAVORITE SEATTLE FIRST DATE SPOT: “I have two favorite first date spots in Seattle. The first is The Sitting Room in Queen Anne, it is not pricey and serves small plates so it is the perfect spot for a drink and snack, with no added pressure to eat a full meal. My other favorite spot is The Backdoor at Roxy’s in Fremont. It’s casual and if your date goes well, you can walk over to The Nectar or High Dive for some music or, my favorite, play pinball at Add-a-Ball.”

FAVORITE SEATTLE ACTIVITY DATE: “A walk is hands down my favorite date. Whether walking in Green Lake, (from Ballard to Shilshole to look at boats), Discovery Park, or Ravenna Park a simple walk while talking and enjoying the PNW is both easy, casual, and fun. Plus, if the date is going well, you can stop for a snack or cuddle on a bench and enjoy the view.”

Personal Success Story: “I matched my coworker with my friend’s ex-boyfriend. My friend had broken up with him because she was relocating for work. He’s a great catch and when he felt recovered, I knew I had to introduce him to my coworker – they both have dogs, were from Montana, love hiking and camping, and are two of the kindest people I know. At the time they were both in hiking groups, but different ones, so it was really easy to set them up to meet – she joined his hiking group on a Saturday and they went to Mount Si. Since there were other people on the hike, they didn’t feel too much pressure. Before they were halfway up the trail, they were talking and ended up talking the rest of the day and then went to grab dinner afterward! Two years later they are still together, happy, and hiking with their dogs.”

FUN FACT: “I spent 10 years as a chef, caterer, and culinary instructor specializing in small plates, wine pairing, seafood, and teaching basics courses to singles…especially bachelors.”

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