TDR Spotlight on Phil Tschepik, LGBTQ+ Matchmaker

This April, TDR is spotlighting our nationwide LGBTQ+ Matchmakers.

Meet Phil Tschepik!

Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Current Neighborhood: Culver City, California

Background: BS in Business and German at American University in Washington DC, with time at Otto-Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar Germany. Phil’s breadth of experience includes and is not limited to working for Tiffany & Co. and The Four Seasons, managing sales and marketing at a DC fashion-startup, and creating the first LGBTQ Business Society across Germany.

Fun Fact: Phil loves all things astronomy. He is fascinated by space – from the science to the theory – and loves to talk about the universe.

First Date Pro Tip: “A hug is a great way to break the initial tension of the first date! A handshake feels a bit too much like a job interview and not doing anything can send the wrong signals. You’re on a date to develop a connection, why not show that you’re excited!”

Personal Success Story: A newly out man said that working with Phil made him wish he had come out sooner. He hid his best self for years and with Phil’s help, he finally feels comfortable being gay!

MATCHMAKING STYLE: Phil’s goal is to help his clients focus on what matters most in a forever partner. He encourages them to be open, confident, and adventurous during the process – his most successful clients are all three! Phil takes the guesswork out of dating and loves introducing high-quality matches to his clients.

Phil’s passion for advocacy, desire to connect people, and relentless positivity – with a touch of edge – make him uniquely suited to be a Matchmaker. Phil has matched couples within the LGBTQ+ community and continues to dedicate himself to assisting fellow community members achieve happiness in relationships. Every day Phil channels his fiercely loyal, empathic, vivacious, and extroverted personality in his quest to help others find love.

Email Phil at or sign up for our free pool and Phil will reach out to you directly. And don’t forget your single friends – they will thank you – and we love referrals! Go here to invite your friends now.

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