TDR Spotlight on Kathleen Saunders, LGBTQ+ Matchmaker

Kathleen Saunders TDR

This July, TDR adds a LGBTQ+ Matchmaker to our team.

Meet Kathleen Saunders!

Hometown: Seaford, Virginia

Current Neighborhood: Hollywood, California

Background: BA from College of Charleston in Mass Media and Studio Art, MFA from Florida State University in Studio Art. Previous experience in sailing, science, marine-biology, and forest services; and continues to practice Fine Art in Los Angeles in addition to matchmaking.

Fun Fact: Her name is engraved on Curiosity, the most recent NASA Mars rover.

First Date Pro Tip: “Do something before your date that makes you feel confident. (For me, it’s listening to Rock n’ Roll. Shout out to Pat Benatar!)”

Personal Success Story: One of the many couples Kathleen matched will be married this Fall!

While TDR has always been accepting and inclusive, we felt our LGBTQ+ clients deserved a matchmaker who is part of their own community. Kathleen Saunders has been out since she was 16 and an advocate for her community since. She naturally fell into matchmaking, connecting people she meets in the community, and successfully matching many couples (even finding a perfect match for someone she met originally on one of her own dates!).

Email Kathleen at or sign up for our free pool and Kathleen will reach out to you directly. And don’t forget your single friends – they will thank you – and we love referrals! Go here to invite your friends now.

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