More Than Just a “Breakup Bod”

Who here has been through a rough breakup? I know I’m raising my own hand! I, like all of us, went through a breakup and immediately ran straight to the gym. I actually headed to my all time favorite workout studio, Speedplay . Upon arriving, I told the instructor that I just broke up that day and I have to say, it was the best workout I’ve ever had! After leaving the studio I felt happier, more confident, and ready to conquer the world.

While getting that perfect “break up bod” is definitely one plus that comes with working out, there are SO many other benefits I’ve discovered!

Here are my top 5 reasons to start working out regularly whether you’ve just been through a breakup or not!

1. Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard 1,000 times that working out makes you happier but did you ever know why? When you work out your brain releases chemicals called endorphins that actually interact with the neurons in your brain to reduce your perception of pain – it actually mimics the feeling that is produced by taking morphine! Who doesn’t need an extra boost of happiness to start their day?

2. Energy Boost
A 2014 study found that even low-intensity exercise drops fatigue levels and increases energy by 20%! By simply working out you’ll be able to take on your day more effectively and stay awake and energized for that Friday night date after work!

3. Confidence
Like I said earlier, we all want that perfect “breakup bod” but the confidence that comes with working out is about SO much more than just looking good. Working out makes you feel stronger and actually changes the way you perceive yourself. One study showed that the simple act of exercise makes you feel like you look better even if there are no physical results. Self love is the #1 most important ingredient when it comes to dating – you have to love yourself before you can find true love in a partner!

4. Live Longer
Let’s all get real, you’re GOING to find a life partner one of these days and when you do you’ll want to spend as much time with them as you possibly can! Research published in 2012 (which studied more than 650K people) found that 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise a week increases your life span by 3.4 years – that’s only 2 ½ Speedplay classes with me!

5. Socialization
I am such a big fan of meeting people at the gym. While you may not be fully done up in hair and makeup (I know I’m certainly not) it is still the perfect place to meet a new friend or possibly a date! You already have a shared common interest and the workout class that you just took is such an easy conversation starter. It’s especially nice if you workout regularly as you can grow that relationship organically if you’re a bit more on the shy side. Plus, you’ve both got those endorphins pumping so you’re feeling confident and happy – win/win!

I could list a million reasons why working out has improved my dating life and self-confidence and all of them are so much deeper than simply looking good! I’m actually such a big believer in working out that I want you to try out my favorite fitness studio too so you can experience that same confidence boost!

Speedplay is offering an exclusive promo for all of our TDR members! Simply enter “free3day” at checkout to enjoy your first class free! I’m at both locations 4-5 times a week so we may even end up taking a class together!

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Clancy Cauble

With a degree in Sociology, Clancy has always had a penchant for understanding people. She is always ready with great advice, whether it be 'what to wear on a first date,' or 'the perfect ice-breaker in a crowded bar.' Born in Los Angeles and raised partially in Dallas, Clancy has a strong understanding of diverse types of people, as evidenced by her warm, social nature. She enjoys hiking with her dog and has traveled to every continent except Antarctica. Want to set up your match meeting with Clancy? It’s free. Sign up here.

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