How to Run Your Online Dating Life Like a High-Powered CEO


By: Joshua Pompey, Online Dating Coach

In theory, online dating sounds like a paradise for singles.  Sign up, log on, and enjoy having access to an endless stream of singles who are eager to date someone just like you.   If only it were that simple.

The reality is, online dating is a competitive and often ruthless world, where men and women alike are all competing for the same ultimate prize.   If you truly want to achieve your goals, you need to be hungry, motivated, and work your way to the top of the online dating food chain.  And who better to learn from, than some of the world’s most successful CEO’s?  In this article, I am going to teach you how to run your online dating life the same way some of the world’s most powerful people run their companies.  The question is: are you going to continue sitting on the sidelines, or enjoy the ultimate power that comes with true success?

WB9A0304It’s All In The Marketing 

A high powered CEO knows that you can have the best product or service in the world, but if it’s not marketed in a way that is alluring to potential customers, it will never gain any traction.   Just look at what happened to Pepsi Clear.  Remember that?  Well, neither does anyone else.

Make no mistake about it – every word you write and every picture you post is one giant marketing ad as to why women should want to date you.

It is your job to create an ad that shows you aren’t just like every other guy out there.

Be unique, be creative, be interesting, and overall, turn yourself into a product that women will want to buy, because if you don’t, they will shop elsewhere.

Understand the Psychology of Your Audience

When MP3 players first came out, companies were marketing their products by how many gigabytes were being offered.  When Apple came out with the iPod, its marketing was simplified to the ultimate degree.   “1,000 songs in your pocket.”  Steve Jobs understood that consumers who aren’t tech savvy don’t understand gigs or computer jargon, but they do understand how awesome it would be to carry 1,000 songs in one device.

When you write your emails, you can’t just write profiles and emails without understanding the psychology of a woman.  You need to learn what they are attracted to and what makes them respond to the pursuits of a man.   I have found through my research that there are ten fundamental ways to make most women take notice of a man, which include, but are not limited to: demonstrating confidence, displaying humor, and showing alpha male characteristics.   The more you can learn about what women are psychologically attracted to and how to reveal them throughout your online dating life, the better off you will be.

Be An Innovator

Guys like Elon Musk, the CEO of electric carmaker Tesla, don’t just sit around and follow trends.  They innovate and attempt to change the world.  While you might not have the power to change the world, you do have the power to change the life of an amazing woman, which is pretty amazing in its own right.

But in order to do so, you can’t just follow the masses online.  You need to innovate.   Work hard at creating unique and funny emails that women have never seen before.  Show them a profile that fills them with hope and optimism over what a great guy they may soon be dating.

Innovate, inspire, and strive to make yourself into a man who will change the lives of the women you meet.

Portray Yourself as a Man in Complete Control 

Would Donald Trump ever beg Mark Zuckerberg for a deal if he wanted to partner up?  Of course not.  The most powerful men in the world know that perception is everything.  If Mr. Trump truly wanted to make a deal, he would be cool, calm, and collective.  Powerful men don’t do the chasing.  They are the ones who get chased.

In the online world you need to establish yourself in the same way.  Using desperate sounding language such as, “I hope to hear from you”, or listing all the things that you really “need” in a woman is not attractive. It also doesn’t make it seem as if you are in control of your destiny.

Always present the image of a man who is confident and in control, without seeming arrogant.

You should always appear to be a man who needs to be chased on some level because women do not respond to men who appear desperate or needy.

Appearance is a Reflection of Who You Are

The most powerful men in the world don’t walk around in flip-flops, oversized t-shirts, and clothes that were in style ten years ago.  They dress for success because they know that what they wear and how they appear will directly impact how they are perceived as businessmen.

In the online world, you need to take into account what every picture you post will reveal about you.  Do you want to appear as a family man?  Successful?  Well-rounded?   Funny?  Caring?  Each picture you post is worth a thousand words.

You need to figure out the image you want to reveal, and then work very hard at creating it.

The more you tap into qualities women are naturally attracted to and get your profile in perfect shape, the more likely you will achieve online dating success.

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