Looks She’ll Love: Dress Like A Lumberjack

By: Paul Julch, Wardrobe Stylist at  Share Some Style

Photo credits: Rebloggy.com, Butterfly’s dream, Avestyles.com

If you’ve wandered the urban jungle lately, or just frequented coffee houses in Seattle – you’ve undoubtedly encountered the emerging new breed of man, the ‘lumbersexual’.  What is a ‘lumbersexual’, you ask?  It’s the beard-loving guys who are donning plaid flannel shirts, utilitarian outerwear, and work boots designed for trekking the wilderness, but haven’t set foot on anything harsher than the slate floors of a Barney’s warehouse sale.

The look is gaining traction, though, with everyone from the fashion elite to the everyday Joe.  As a backlash to the overly coiffed, über-fashionable ‘metrosexual’, it’s an option for any guy who has a healthy interest in his appearance, but still wants to be a manly man.

If you’re entertaining the notion of adding a little a lot more plaid into your life, and don’t mind if people ask to borrow your axe – here are some practical ideas to inject a bit of manliness into your everyday wardrobe:



If the last thing you want anyone to ask you at the office is how much wood can a woodchuck chuck (and really expect you to know the answer) – you’ll need to keep the outdoor gear in check.  A shirt jacket stands in for a casual blazer, while a muted shirt and well-fitting cords fully embrace your masculine side.  And trade in your off-duty boots for a pair of leather chukka boots with soles designed more for climbing the corporate ladder than trudging through the forest.



Weekends are the time that you can go full-on manly man with your clothes.  So grab that plaid flannel shirt, quilted vest and work boots and get to chopping some wood!



When you’re on a date (especially a first one), you don’t want to overwhelm her with your towering masculinity.  A little goes a long way – you can wait to show her how to make the perfect rabbit trap for the third date.  A lightweight button-down shirt, touchable wool sweater and dark jeans take you from a casual dinner to the movies without her ever doubting that you can split a log in one swing as well as make a mean latté.

Looking for more advice on how to fully embrace your ‘lumbersexual’?  Email wardrobe stylist Paul Julch at Share Some Style or check out his website, Urbanite | Suburbanite.

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