Where All The Ladies in SF At?

Katie Martin-7Hi – I’m Kate Martin, one of TDR’s matchmakers here in beautiful SF! For all of the single dudes here, we all know what they say about the scene in Man Francisco…supposedly, the odds are heavily weighted against you if you’re a guy (it’s simply a matter of math, really).  Or, is it?!

Shh…I have a secret I’ll let you in on.  Despite the stereotypes that may pervade, there are actually a PLETHORA of fabulous, single ladies here in the Bay…and, I happen to know a whole bunch of them. News flash: If you haven’t met your match yet, then you simply aren’t looking in the right places or employing the right strategies. That’s where I come in…

To help all of you single fellows out, below is my list of top spots in SF where you can find your female “type.”

Tech Ladies – Save yourself a fight to the bar at Novela and head next door to Dada in SOMA instead to find your savvy tech ladies.  With ample seating, funky art, and a cool crowd, Dada is the perfect place to chat up industry women looking to unwind after a long day in front of a computer screen.  Head there Thursday for “DJ Night” and Happy Hour drink specials until 8 pm.

Hipster Chicks  – If you like live music by bands that no one’s heard of yet, and ladies of the same ilk, Bottom of the Hill in Potrero is for you. This bar attracts artists, graphic designers, and musicians and always has an amazing line up. Lock eyes with a lady during a guitar solo and impress her in between sets with obscure band references on their outdoor patio.

Board Room Hotties – If you like a lady who can rock a good pinstripe, head to 83 Proof.  The only thing more beautiful and unique than the drinks at this FiDi hot spot are the lovely women who frequent it. Strike up conversation over a pair of their world class Basil Gimlets and compare quarterly earnings.

Sports Fans – The World Cup may almost be over but this is San Francisco, and we always have a team to rally behind.  To find a woman who’s not afraid of face paint, head to Final Final in Marina.  Compare stats, knowledge, and rage about bad calls over an order of wings and a pitcher of beer with these enthusiastic sports ladies.

Whiskey Enthusiasts – The ladies at Rye are all class and sass.  Rye is a diamond in the rough, much like the women who frequent it, where women prefer their drinks and their men strong.  Be sure to take your flirtatious banter out back to the patio for easier one-on-one conversation.

Yoga Babes – When they’re not in Lululemon, these yoga babes are rehydrating at the local juice bar, Evolution Fresh, in Pac Heights.  Stop in on a Saturday afternoon for an acai berry smoothie and conversation with a yoga cutie, fresh from her vinyasa.

Chill Chicas – With a fireplace, jukebox, and an AC/DC themed pinball machine, The Summer Place in Union Square is THE dive bar and a low-key spot to meet women who appreciate the simple things in life (like free Doritos with every drink purchase).  There’s plenty of private seating for cozying up with the woman who just beat you at PacMan.

Crossfit/Tough Mudder Enthusiast – For a woman who knows her way around a barbell and a mud pit, head to Slow Club in Mission. Located at the apex of three Crossfit Gyms, alcohol may not be 100% Paleo-approved, but attracts ladies who enjoy the light cocktails and health-conscious menu after a little endurance training.

Dancing Queens – The ladies at Raven in SOMA are ready to cut loose, and an upstairs dance floor is there to accommodate. Raven is a hotspot for bachelorette parties, so enjoy killer cocktails and conversation on the first floor lounge, then head upstairs for dancing where the male to female ratio will most likely be in your favor.

Quirky Ladies – For an eclectic mix of unique women, head to Smuggler’s Cove in Fillmore, SF’s world famous pirate-themed tiki bar.  The ladies are fun and friendly, and may even offer to split a giant punch bowl.  Head upstairs for comfortable seating and a chance to chat more easily.  Get there early, by 10 pm it’s every pirate for himself.

Need a wing woman? Want to chat more about hidden gems in SF? Email me at kate@threedayrule.com so we can discuss. I’d love to hear from you!

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