Where Are All the Men in LA?

TDR_NicoleMyden067 3Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m so excited to be Three Day Rule’s newest Matchmaker in LA! I grew up in Los Angeles and know this city like the back of my hand. I was single and mingling in this great city for years, always trying to plant myself in the best places after work where I could potentially meet my “type.” As luck would have it for me, I did not meet my husband in a bar… I met him online (go figure)!

However, I’m constantly being asked by my clients and single friends where they should be spending their time after work. So, if you want to hit the town instead of drinking a glass of vino solo while watching the latest episode of “Orange is the New Black” or re-runs of the last “Game of Thrones” season, here is my short guide to some great spots in LA to meet your “type”.  Hopefully, this list will get you one step closer to finding the perfect partner-in-crime to snuggle with as you watch those coveted shows on the couch.

1) “The Finance Guru” – – Pink Taco in Century City – this has to be one of the BEST kept secrets in LA to meet the Finance type. Located at the Century City mall, right next to some of the top financial companies in the city, Pink Taco is jam packed during happy hour daily from (3-7pm)!

2) “The Agent/Producer” – – Penthouse at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, Craig’s in West Hollywood, and The Bungalow in Santa Monica are a few of the more swankier spots in the city. All are high-end, luxurious, and filled with agents, producers and all things in between when it comes to the Entertainment Industry. Leave work a bit early to make sure you grab a seat at any of these beautiful spots, especially the Penthouse and Bungalow to enjoy the beautiful outdoor patios. For those in the Valley, Laurel Tavern in Studio City is another excellent choice.  It’s brimming with Hollywood types from CBS, Warner Brothers, Disney, and NBC.

3) “The Realtor” – – Porta Via in Beverly Hills, Nic’s Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills & Honor Bar on South Beverly Drive — All of these great bars are walking distance to some of the top real estate agencies in the city. So naturally, plenty of the real estate agents frequent some of these great spots for drinks after work.

4) “The Doctor” – – Third Stop (across from Cedars-Sinai Hospital) – is one of my favorite bars in LA. Why? Because you can usually get a seat (which is rare) and it’s quaint and quiet and very down-to-earth. It has a bit of a Chicago/NY vibe to it and packed with people who work at Cedars Sinai directly across the street.

5) “The Lawyer” –The Standard Downtown, The Edison or Seven Grand – – some great spots in Downtown LA near many of the prestigious law firms in the city.  Even before hitting up these places, leave work early and give yourself time to enjoy the experience of Downtown –  skyscrapers, classical architecture, and busy sidewalks unlike anywhere else in Southern California.

6) “The Jock” – – Goal Sports Cafe on West 3rd is the perfect upscale LA sports bar and really the best place to watch a game. Filled with true sports enthusiasts, the walls are filled with TVs, so odds are you will get to watch whatever game you are looking for – and likely have a lot of great people to look at too!

7) “The Witty Writer / Comedian” – – Gjelina in Venice – Enough said!

8) “The Techie Nerd” – – Wellsbourne on Pico, Father’s Office in Culver City – – Two great, unique and more playful venues where you typically find people who work in the tech industry after work.

9) The mix of everything  – – Laurel Hardware has quickly become one of my favorite bars in Los Angeles. To me, this is a “mix of everyone’s type” kind of place. Very hipster, but mixed with realtors, agents, entertainment lawyers, jocks, and techies.  You name it – you’ll find it here!

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