The Most Unusual Places TDR Matchmakers Find Love

The one question that TDR matchmakers inevitably get is, “Where do you find matches for your clients?!!” The simple answer is, this: Everywhere! TDR matchmakers have, at their fingertips, a plethora of resources to find matches for their clients.  These include, but definitely aren’t limited to:

1) Our robust, online database of amazing, pre-screened singles

2) The personal networks of our matchmakers and entire TDR team

3) The result of our relentless, active pursuit of singles that we meet every day whenever and wherever we are on-the-go.

To dispel the mystery and intrigue around where we’ve found the best matches for our clients, I thought I’d share a list of the most unusual (and unique!) places that our matchmakers have successfully found matches for our clients…

TDR_ Vanessa035-Edit-Vanessa (LA Matchmaker):  While at a recent Women’s Empowerment Conference in Vegas, Vanessa actively pursued a sophisticated, articulate woman who she thought would be the perfect match for one of her male clients.



TDR_ Marly121-EditMarly (LA Matchmaker): In true LA fashion, Marly once recruited a man that she saw in the lane next to her while stuck in traffic on the 405.  She simply opened her car window and began chatting him up on behalf of her female client. Talk about commitment to client service!



allieAllie (LA Matchmaker):  Allie once recruited a client at a Porsche dealership. She was in the midst of closing a deal on her lease when she noticed a handsome man who had just bought a new 911 convertible without a woman on his arm.  Her line that ultimately won him over? “I told him he needed a lady to go with his hot new car.”



Carla FinalCarla (SF Matchmaker): While running along the SF Marina (and sweating profusely, mind you), Carla chased down a male runner (for her athletic, outdoorsy client) and got his contact info to learn more about him on behalf of her female client.




Robyn 1Robyn Swider (New York Matchmaker):  After months of taking styling advice from her hairdresser, it was finally Robyn’s turn to return the favor.  Robyn recently recruited her to TDR’s online database after chatting about matchmaking during a recent appointment.  According to Robyn, “We had always talked about our dating experiences, so it’s amazing that I now feel like I’m in a position to help her meet someone!”



Talia FinalTalia (CEO):  Once, while Talia was in line for a Porta Potty at a sporting event, Talia approached an intriguing female who she thought would be a good potential match for one of her male clients.



Screenshot 2014-06-27 15.36.05Jill (COO):  Our very own COO once recruited for our online database of singles at the infamous Bay to Breakers race in SF!  She convinced a man dressed as a tugboat/traffic cone/Eiffel Tower to join our online database.




Kelli_SaveTheDateing biopicKelli (Director of Events) – Kelli has a laundry list of places that she has actively recruited singles for our online database.  Top spots include the valet line at swanky hotel bars, the nail salon, and the locker room at Equinox.


The moral of the story is this: There is nothing that a TDR matchmaker wouldn’t do to find a potential match for any one of our clients.  Interested in learning more? Check us out here! 

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