10 World Cup Players (and Coaches) I’d Love to Date


By: Tina Wie, Director of Marketing

I love The World Cup.  Actually, I more than love WC football — I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with it.  Every 4 years I become a completely different person.  Suddenly, I swear like a sailor with a clenched fist at the TV when I know the ref just made a terrible call.  My work productivity plummets (sorry, Talia and Jill — consider this fair warning), and I schedule my entire social life around matches.

Despite all this, I have a confession to make. While TODAY I am a hardcore, passionate, not-your-typical-female WC fan that intimately understands the intricacies of this cherished sport…it wasn’t always this way. I must sheepishly admit that my love affair with soccer started off in the most stereotypical way — as an obsession with the beautiful, athletic men who play this captivating sport.

So, as an homage to my days as a teenager pining after the David Beckhams and Roberto Baggios of the world AND in the spirit of Brazil World Cup 2014, I wanted to share my Top 10 list of WC players and coaches that I would LOVE to date.  DISCLAIMER: These are my views only (and probably reflect my poor judgement as some of these men have less-than-stellar dating histories) and definitely do NOT reflect the views of any of TDR’s professional matchmakers, who are experts at matching people and far better at understanding what constitutes “good” husband material.   Ok, back to the list…

10) THE FASHIONISTA: Joachim Loew (Team Germany’s Coach

He’s tall, dark, and handsome…and coached the young German team during the last WC to a stunning, 4-1 defeat over England. If you’re courting a British cutie, be warned — Brits still cringe at the mention of this game. Not only has Lowe trained the German team into formidable contenders for Brazil, but he’s also a serious fashionista. With his fitted blazers, tight shirts, and signature cashmere scarf, Loew coaches in style…like a BOSS.

9) EL CAPITAN: Iker Casillas (Team Spain

Dubbed “Saint Iker”, Casillas has earned a reputation as a worthy, reliable goalkeeper and continually stuns us with his miraculous saves at the most crucial moments. There’s nothing more tantalizing than watching Casillas barking orders at his defenders and taking charge of the field to protect his country’s precious net.

8) THE ALTERNATIVE DUDE:  Kyle Beckerman (Team USA

For the ladies who prefer the more ‘alternative’ look, Beckerman’s dreds will make you swoon. A cross between a rugged mountain man (yes, please!) and a Jamaican Rastafarian, Beckerman has both the mystery and intrigue to keep me interested.  I’d love to learn more…

7) THE BABYFACE: Shinwook Kim (Team Korea

Although 26 years old, Shinwook’s boyish features and signature, bleached faux-hawk make him look no older than a 21-year old. A lanky 6’6″, Kim is affectionately known among Korean fans as “Our Giant” and “Wookie”.  If only all Star Wars characters were this hot!

6) THE SUPER EAGLE: Victor Moses (Team Nigeria)

Moses is a strong contributor and great addition to Team Nigeria, also known as the “Super Eagles.”  After overcoming the tragic death of his parents in Nigeria, Moses arrived at England when he was 11 years old as an asylum seeker.  In addition to his football prowess, Moses exudes resilience and strength.

5) THE BAD BOY: Wayne Rooney (Team England) 

With his stocky build, piercing baby blue eyes, and serious bad boy attitude, Rooney is the choice for those ladies that prefer a manly, rough-around-the edges, sort of dude.  The youngest ever goalscorer in the history of England, Rooney is also known for his passion and hot temper, having tied with David Beckham as England’s most red-carded player.

4) THE PROTECTOR: Tim Howard (Team USA) 

It’s hard not to continue showing love towards the goalkeepers in this WC.  What woman doesn’t like a confident man that is willing to go to all lengths to protect the things he loves most?  Always calm, classy, and in control, Howard’s steady presence is enough to make any lady excited. Oh, and his smoothly shaved head and mesmerizing eyes are pretty cute, too.

3) THE YOUNG GUN: Neymar (Team Brazil

At 22, Neymar is the darling and superstar of Brazil’s team and the youngest player to make it on my list. Despite his age, Neymar exudes such confidence, spunk, and sheer talent that he has won me over. While I don’t normally succumb to cougar-like tendencies, there is something sexy about a man who gave up playing soccer for the major European leagues (twice) in his career because he was loyal to his country.  If he’s this loyal to Brazil, imagine how loyal he must be to his girlfriend?

2) THE WINNER: Cristiano Ronaldo (Team Portugal) 

The 2013 FIFA Player of the Year, a $32.5M Nike contract, an underwear model for Armani…the list of accolades goes on and on for Ronaldo.  His chiseled features, incredible dribbling skills on the field, and adorable face make him a no-brainer on my list.

And…finally, drumroll for…

1) THE FAMILY MAN: Jürgen Klinsmann (Team USA‘s Coach) 

Once a decorated striker for the German national football team, Klinsmann made a ballsy move in 2011 to switch teams and leave his home country to become the head coach of the USA soccer team.  I’m convinced the real reason he switched teams was for the love of his American wife, the gorgeous Debbie Chin, a former supermodel.  A total renaissance man, he is fluent in four languages and loves to fly helicopters in Southern California, which is where he resides.

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