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By: Michelle Manning, Author of Siding With Plato


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.26.37 AMWe all have one… that person in our life who gave us the run around. The one who drove us absolutely crazy (in a good, bad, and literal sense), the commitment-phobe who somehow still sneaks their way into a conversation, and the beloved jerk who nearly gets a text after killing a bottle of wine.

What was it about that perfect storm of a relationship that sticks with us? Even if we came to the conclusion ten times over that it would have surely ended one way or another, there’s always something that pulls us back to that time in our life and makes us wonder what if… What if it was just bad timing? What if it was me who messed it all up? What if they were – dare I say it – the one?

While I don’t want to admit how much of my book, Siding With Plato, came from my own life, I will say a much needed dose of therapy was an added bonus of the writing process. Brooke Aarons meets a guy with all those Mr. Darcy–like attributes, family money and notoriety as their university’s star football player. Qualities that made him seem cocky and annoying to Brooke, until she started spending time with him.  A few dates in she’s hooked, but things suddenly go sour. She expects to walk away unscathed thanks to her previous assessment, but no such luck for Brooke. Erasing him from her life seems just as impossible as staying away from him becomes. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get the upper hand. The once confident psychology major is now trapped in a major head game with no sense of the rules and no clue how to break free from whatever hold he has on her.

If anyone else is ready for a cocktail now, meet me at the cross of “been there” and “memory lane.” It’s been so much fun for me to see the reactions to this book. I love hearing people say that they feel exactly like Brooke or they dated James to a T. Being able to relate to a character is what hooks me to book, but I wasn’t trying to rehash a past relationship so much as I was trying to relive college. I was simply nostalgic for the good old days with exciting new friends and relationships, so if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read with a quirky sense of humor, look no further. And don’t worry, the actual story is fiction… except for the clown-concussion story in chapter 10… embarrassingly enough, that one’s true.

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